Forward thinking

Spring is coming! With it I have felt a burst of energy toward my work and creativity since the seasons began to change. It is an overwhelming feeling that begins before I wake up and lasts until after I fall asleep. At times I feel like I'm losing my mind, possessed with new ideas and positive thoughts. It feels like I'm being pulled upward and I'm interested to find out if this is a common feeling among artists, yogis, musicians and other open-minded people. 

I took a walk at lunchtime yesterday around Central Park and couldn't help but think about all the great artists and musicians who spent their time being inspired there. At times I just allow my mind to wonder and it feels like I could just lift off the earth and float around and perhaps that's exactly what I'm doing. 

I believe yoga and meditation allowed me to find a way to clear my head of all the negative thoughts which created space for new inspirations to flow into my mind. Now I'm in the process of trying to let my mind find what we're going to FOCUS on next. I feel very fulfilled with my career but creatively I need more. I think the first step for me will be to start journaling everyday and allow whatever comes to mind out on the paper. The next step from there would be to start a new project. 

Have a fun and fearless weekend!